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Geneo Personal is a premium beauty device for skin renewal, that provides an oxygen facial at home. This sleek, premium device based on our professional Oxygeneo technology harnesses the natural power of bubbles and Oxygen together for a brighter, younger looking and glowing complexion

Treatment with Geneo Personal provides the user with deep cleansing of the facial skin, Exfoliation of the upper skin layer, Oxygenation of the skin from within by inducing the Bohr effect and preparation of the skin for nourishment of active ingredients



Pollogen Ltd, a company of Lumenis, is a global leader in the medical and home-based aesthetics markets, providing innovative, safe, and effective solutions that enhance the practice of medical aesthetics professionals, as well as serving private aesthetic consumers.

The company offers products that support a range of skin treatments, based on its proprietary technologies. Pollogen provides solutions for professionals and consumers in more than 60 countries, addressing the specific needs and the ever-changing standards of professionals and consumers in the dynamic beauty industry.