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October 2013




All Body Laser Corp. in Canada will integrate OxyGeneo Technology as a premium facial skincare treatment and as part of their training curriculum

OxyGeneo technology utilizes the body's natural mechanisms to effectively provide 3 essential skin-care treatments simultaneously and deliver superior facial treatment results, skin oxygenation, fine lines and wrinkle reduction, hydration and nourishment, and evens skin tone and texture. 

Pollogen Ltd., a global leader in developing and marketing medical devices for the aesthetics market and Dermaspark in Canada have announced that All Body Laser Corp have chosen OxyGeneo Technology by Pollogen as one of their  premium facial skincare solutions and will integrate this breakthrough technology as part of their training curriculum .

All Body Laser Corp. – an established and distinguished aesthetic institution located in BC Canada is well known for its emphasis on professional and high quality training as well as effective and clinically proven facial skin care solutions.  

OxyGeneo Technology is a breakthrough concept in facial treatments that activates 3 effective processes simultaneously:

  • Exfoliation of the outer skin layer
  • Infusion of revitalizing nutrients
  • Oxygenation of skin generated from within

OxyGeneo technology takes its inspiration from natural hot springs - known for inducing skin oxygenation from within. By simulating this phenomenon, OxyGeneo triggers a body response that sends oxygen to the treated area.  At the same time OxyGeneo exfoliates the skin and creates an optimal environment for infusion of essential nutrients both during and after treatment. By effectively performing these three treatments simultaneously, OxyGeneo saves time while providing superior results. 

The OxyGeneo treatment is comprised of Pollogen’s unique Capsugen capsule and specialized nutrient-rich formulas each intended for specific aesthetic conditions. Currently offered are NeoRevive and NeoBright.

NeoRevive is an exclusive formula that works with OxyGeneo Technology to provide optimal results for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.  NeoRevive reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, revitalizes dull complexion, hydrates and nourishes the skin and evens and tones skin texture.

NeoBright works with OxyGeneo Technology to provide optimal results for skin lightening, nourishment and rejuvenation as well as a reduction of skin pigmentation & sun damage. 

OxyGeneo is suitable for all skin types and facial areas and uses disposable, single-use consumables that ensure maximum hygiene every time. OxyGeneo treatments can be administered in convenient ‘walk in – walk out’ treatments and is ideal both as a stand-alone procedure and as part of other aesthetic regimens. 

 “We are very excited to be introducing Pollogen’s OxyGeneo Technology as part of our training curriculum.  OxyGeneo is truly a breakthrough in skincare that delivers excellent exfoliation while providing the benefits of natural skin oxygenation. OxyGeneo is easy to use and to teach and I believe it is a good fit for us.” Marina Bosnjak owner of All Body Laser Corp.

Moshe Ben-Shlomo, General Manager of Dermaspark: ““We could not be more proud to be partnering with All Body Laser Corp. in this unique endeavor. Marina and her team are known for being very selective in choosing the right tools for their facial treatments and training apparatus. We are confident that OxyGeneo will easily integrate and become a staple of their offerings”. 

About Pollogen: 

We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to create the most advanced, effective medical aesthetic technologies and solutions. We believe in thinking differently.

In everything we do, we take a customer-centric approach by making our products user-friendly, safe and convenient. At Pollogen there is no such word as “done”; we continually perfect our solutions to provide treatments that are pleasant and effective. We believe in finding ways to develop technologies that work with the body’s natural mechanisms so beautiful results are generated from within. 

Pollogen is the developer and manufacturer of five revolutionary technologies under the industry premier brand names OxyGeneo™, Hybrid Energy™, TriPollar®, TriLipo® and TriFractional™. We offer a full line of clinically-proven, safe and effective, non-invasive anti-aging facial and body contouring treatment platforms for a wide range of aesthetic applications. Pollogen provides solutions for professionals in over 60 countries, addressing the specific needs and dynamic changes unique to the ever-evolving aesthetic industry.