Physician Testimonials

Hybrid Energy Technology

Dr. Atchima Suwanchinda   Hybrid Energy Technology treatments result in a relatively major dermal remodeling effect while minimizing visible epidermal effect, this treatment modality is very suitable for delicate and sensitive skin types which are prone to pigment changes” 
Dr. Atchima Suwanchinda, Bangkok, Thailand

dr.-beilin2   “The new novel Hybrid Energy™ (HE) Technology delivers hot and electrical energies to create controlled micro ablation points penetrating up to the mid dermis. HE treatments promote a natural fractional healing process for dermal volume refilling and skin renewal. In my findings HE treatments demonstrated skin refilling effect along with improvement of skin texture and irregularities. No significant adverse effects were detected and treatments were well tolerated by patients with none to minimal pain and no down time.”
Ghislane Beilin, M.D., Paris, France
Dr. Patricia Cerda   “The new Hybrid Energy Technology has allowed me to successfully perform rejuvenation treatments and dermal refilling while achieving significantly improved skin texture, without pain or recovery time. This quick procedure is very well tolerated and allows the patient to continue with their normal activities immediately after treatment. The Surgen platform which delivers Hybrid Energy Technology is very simple to learn and use.”
Dr. Patricia Cerda, Chile
boisnic-new   “This ex vivo model of human skin maintained in survival condition allowed us to demonstrate the ability of the new Hybrid Energy Fractional Technology to rejuvenate the skin via controlled micro wounds that induce epidermal renewal and dermal regeneration through a demonstrated healing process. This study histologies and biochemical tests results demonstrated the efficacy of controlled healing as a significant increase of the epidermal mitotic index, collagen density, elastic fibers and GAGs.”
Sylvie Boisnic M.D., Paris, France
2 alexlevenberg   “The results of the Hybrid Energy Technology treatments demonstrated significant dermal refilling, reduction of wrinkles including nasolabial wrinkles and perioral and periorbital lines and improved appearance of acne scars. Skin texture improvement was manifested by radiant skin, smaller pores and volume increase. No undesired side effects were experienced by the subjects. Treatment was well tolerated; pain was none to minimal with no downtime.”
Alex Levenberg, M.D., Tel Aviv, Israel



"We have been really happy introducing the OxyGeneo to our office. It is a comfortable procedure that my aesthetician can perform, so the procedure is delegated, freeing my time for other procedures".  Patient satisfaction with the OxyGeneo has been amazing, the procedure combines the benefits of microdermabrasion with a facial. I was very skeptical as I am about any device I am considering for my practice so I tested it on myself and my skin felt like smooth glass afterward. So I thought that my patients will like it and the satisfaction rate has been 80%-90%." 
Dr. Ihab Matta, Brampton Canada


Dr. Carlos Ayala  

“TriPollar RF is a great non-surgical treatment for tightening and rejuvenating the skin and getting rid of fat in certain hard to treat areas of your body. We are very excited to offer TriPollar to our patients. Unlike other tightening devices on the market, TriPollar is truly unique in that we can treat any part of the body from head to toe. TriPollar will be a great adjunct to people who already live a healthy lifestyle and looking to reduce circumference in certain body areas and desire a more youthful appearance”.

Carlos Ayala M.D. FACS - Ayala ENT & Plastic Surgery

Jason B. Lichten MD FACS from Central Ohio Plastic Surgery Inc  

For years my patients have been asking me to find a low impact alternative to tighten and smooth their faces and bodies. After researching and testing dozens of devices, I have finally found one that I believe lives up to its promises. I am excited to add the TriPollar Apollo to the list of services we provide at Central Ohio Plastic Surgery Inc. I have personally seen how the TriPollar can tighten skin and reduce inches. The treatment is generally considered to be an enjoyable experience - comparable to a warm massage.

Jason B. Lichten, MD, FACS - Central Ohio Plastic Surgery Inc   "TriPollar treatments have a truly attractive profile for non-surgical body contouring and anti-aging. I have used nearly every other non-invasive technology available, and when it comes to the patient satisfaction, TriPollar is superior. My patients are experiencing remarkable results from the very first treatment with absolutely no pain.”
Dr. Ronald L. Moy, Beverly Hills, California
dr. gold   “The Apollo, using TriPollar technology to generate energy and ultimately collagen tightening and remodeling, is quickly finding its place amongst the skin tightening technologies. The use of TriPollar allows for heat to be disseminated through the skin with minimal pain and discomfort, unlike previous generations of some of our skin tightening modalities. Less pain means more comfort for our patients, and combined with the clinical efficacies which have been demonstrated, makes the Apollo one of those go-to machines for skin tightening.”
Michael H. Gold, M.D., Nashville, Tennessee, USA
dr.pozer   “I absolutely recommend Apollo powered by TriPollar as an effective anti-aging solution. Not only does it have a strong safety profile, but I can assure my patients a pleasant and pain-free experience. I’m excited our practice is one of the first in the United States to offer this truly innovative technology.”
Jason N. Pozner, M.D. F.A.C.S, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
dr.taub   “This is a tremendous advance in non-surgical body shaping. What’s exciting is one device can improve cellulite, lax skin, and overall contour.”
Amy Forman Taub M.D., Chicago, Illinois, USA
shapiro1   “As principle investigator of Pollogen’s FDA clinical trial, I am pleased to be the first practice to work with TriPollar technology in the USA. We performed 136 treatments in our FDA study without any side effects. Patients reported a pleasant and pain-free experience and were satisfied with the results. I observed a significant reduction in wrinkles and overall, I am impressed by the immediate and long-term results achieved with the TriPollar technology and its strong safety profile.”
Steven Shapiro, M.D., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA
wf   TriPollar RF appears to be an effective and safe treatment option for striaedistensae in skin phototypes IV-V. The therapeutic effect appeared to continue as long as 6 weeks after the treatment was discontinued”
“Given the proven efficacy in induction of collagen remodeling, TriPollar RF has recently been used to successfully improve stretch marks’ appearance”.
“The TriPollar RF device is a multi-polar RF system which can safely and effectively be used for skin tightening and circumference reduction, particularly on the body and facial areas, as well as for the treatment of cellulite, reduction of localized fat and improvement of striae appearance. Application of this treatment modality is simple, non-invasive and safe on all skin types. Qualitative as well as quantitative assessments have been documented and the outcome from previous research studies has shown that the improvements are maintained as long-term effect.”
“The study demonstrated that TriPollar RF technology provided beneficial effects on the reduction of abdomen and thigh circumferences and an overall improvement in the appearance of cellulite”.
"The TriPollar RF device is a multi-polar RF system which can safely and effectively be used for skin tightening and circumference reduction, particularly on the body and facial areas, as well as for the treatment of cellulite, reduction of localized fat and improvement of striae (stretch marks) appearance. Application of this treatment modality is simple, non-invasive and safe on all skin types. Qualitative as well as quantitative assessments have been documented and the outcome from previous research studies has shown that the improvements are maintained as a long-term effect."
Worophong Manuskiatti M.D., Bangkok, Thailand
kaplan   “The TriPollar is a safe and effective non-invasive technology leading to skin tightening and body shaping. Histology results indicate changes at the dermal and fat layers following TriPollar treatments resulting in increased collagen regeneration and stimulated fat metabolism”.
“The TriPollar device is a high-power, multipolar, RF system that can safely and effectively be used for body contouring, particularly on the abdomen, thighs and arms, as well as for the treatment of cellulite, skin laxity and facial wrinkles. Application of this treatment modality is simple, non-invasive and extremely safe on all skin type. Clinical and histological results have been documented and appear to be maintained for at least several months following a typical treatment course of 8 weekly sessions."
Haim Kaplan M.D., Tel Aviv, Israel
2 alexlevenberg   “This study presents objective facial improvement results following treatments with the TriPollar radiofrequency device and confirms previous reports on the safety and efficacy of this technology for the treatment of excess fat and body contouring. The study demonstrates that there are no undesired changes in lipid profile and liver function following the procedure. The treatment is painless and pleasant even when performed on sensitive areas with sagging and loose skin, such as the inner thighs, arms and neck. The TriPollar treatment is excellent for patients following pregnancy, liposuction or dramatic weight loss who have excessive loose skin. The treatment is also suitable for patients post face lift surgery, to improve the healing process. Following each treatment session, most patients benefitted from immediate as well as long term results.
"I have been using TriPollar technology for 3 years now, and I am continuously impressed by the immediate anti-aging results. As a plastic surgeon, I use TriPollar both as an independent modality and after plastic surgery - especially after liposuction. My patients are consistently pleased with the immediate anti-aging results. Treatment is completely non-invasive, short and pleasant. A key added value is that patients can see immediate visible results after the very first treatment."
Alex Levenberg, M.D., Tel Aviv, Israel
boisnic-new   “Following TriPollar treatment, a significant increase of glycerol release by the skin samples was found. The structure of the fat cells was altered in shape and a modification of the fibrous tract was also detected in the fat layer. Additional findings indicated stimulation of the dermal fibroblasts with increased collagen synthesis”.
Sylvie Boisnic M.D., Paris, France


jon-yu-3   "Reaching superior body contouring and facial rejuvenation results is of the utmost importance to my patients and I. I have been using Pollogen's non-invasive body shaping systems for many years as they deliver impressive results on a regular basis. The new TriLipo technology impressed me more than any other non-invasive treatment I have seen so far. It enables me to simultaneously treat the dermis, fat and muscles. The patients I’ve treated reached wonderful immediate and long-lasting results and were pleasantly surprised with the pain-free, quick treatment."
"Throughout 13 years of practice treating acne vulgaris, I discovered the perfect device to address active acne in both young and adult patients - Pollogen's TriPollar RF system. Both the patients and I are very pleased with the results of the clinical trial which show how quickly, safely and effectively this device treats acne. We can now offer patients an alternative acne treatment which does not involve topical nor oral medications."
Jonathan Yu, M.D., Manila Philippines

dr.-beilin2   "Selecting the right technology to get the best body shaping results can be tricky. I have been working with Pollogen's systems for many years and I am very pleased with the innovative solutions that they provide. I am particularly pleased with the latest TriLipo technology which enables me to treat simultaneously all skin layers: Dermis, fat and muscles. This allows me to achieve great immediate and long-lasting results in just a few treatments."
“The Maximus system powered by TriLipo technology effectively and safely strengthens facial skin to provide immediate and long-lasting results. The tightening effect is visible after the very first treatment and the ‘lifting’ effect can be achieved with-in 4-6 treatments."
“My experience with TriLipo anti-cellulite treatments has been extremely positive, the treatment is very effective and it gives immediate results from the first treatment. My clients love it and I am very satisfied with the results."
Ghislane Beilin, M.D., Paris, France
pletie   "I find Pollogen's TriLipo non-invasive body shaping systems effective for circumference reduction, removing localized fat deposits and reducing cellulite. My patients are very pleased with the immediate and long-lasting results and are grateful that the treatments are so quick and pleasant".
Michele Pelletier, M.D., Paris, France
Dr. Mickaël Murat   "I discovered TriLipo Technology while working in Florida, and once I returned to France I wanted to acquire it right away. My patient base was not familiar with TriLipo™ Technology and were initially hesitant. But very quickly, the amazing results spoke for themselves.  Word has spread and created a "craze" both for facial anti-aging and for body contouring and cellulite reduction. At the end of the treatment sessions I am surprised to receive thank you messages from my patients. I rarely received such an enthusiastic reaction on an aesthetic treatment"
Dr. Mickaël Murat,Paris
Dr. Christian Bonnet Buchelay   "I have been using TriLipo ™ for 5 months, administering an average of 10 treatments per week on various areas of the body and facial areas. The level of patient satisfaction is very high especially in cases of sagging skin, glutes and belly. I particularly appreciate how RF TriLipo™ works very quickly in a deep, uniform manner heating over a large area of skin, to deliver rapid and effective treatments. I also like TriLipo’s Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) with draining effect that provides visible results and motivates patients to continue exercising outside of treatment. This is a major advantage. The fact that there are different sized hand pieces and the treatments are pleasant and feel like a massage makes them very popular with patients"
Dr. Christian Bonnet, Buchelay
Christine LUNEAU   "I have been using TriLipo™ Technology for a few months on different parts of the body and face. Our patients are very satisfied and we have had very successful results especially for skin tightening on the neck, chest and arms. Using the device is easy and enjoyable. Sessions are very comfortable and all patients complete their protocol within 8 sessions. "
Dr. Christine Luneau, Aix-en-Provence
diane-macgillis   "I have been using Pollogen's aesthetic medical devices for the past two years and both my patients and I are very satisfied with the results. We have found that the immediate results that the patient sees following treatment is particularly appealing to our patients. In fact, the successful treatments that we have been able to provide was a factor in the decision to open two additional clinics which will be equipped with Pollogen devices."
Diane McGillis M.D., Kingston,ON, Canada