TriFractional Clinical FAQs

What is the TriFractional Technology?

The novel TriFractional technology is an advanced RF technology which enables fractional skin resurfacing and ablation for treatment of wrinkles and scars. TriFractional RF energy is delivered to the skin in a fractional manner via an array of micro-electrode pins. TriFractional RF creates small zones of treated tissue in the epidermal areas which are in direct contact with the micro electrodes. The fractional manner leaves intact zones in between the targeted areas which serve as a pool of cells reservoir that promote a faster more effective healing process. The affected spots result in small scabs that shed off the skin after a few days, leading to an improved skin tone and texture. TriFractional treatment enables safe, tolerable and effective skin rejuvenation.

Is TriFractional Technology safe?

Treatment is safe when conducted according to the guidelines.  The energy levels deployed for treatment are very effective and safe with no significant risk of injury or damage to the skin.

What should a patient experience before, during and after a TriFractional treatment?

During the treatment you might feel a short singeing sensation when the TriFractional energy is emitted. After the treatment you might feel heat in the treated area accompanied with slight swelling and redness that typically lasts a short time. It is recommended to apply emollient cream (1-2 days), to apply sunscreen and to avoid exposure to sun for a few weeks. You can use your regular make up and moisturizers one day after the treatment.

After 2-3 days you will notice a matrix of tiny pin point scabs in the shape of the TriFractional tip. The tiny scabs will naturally and gently peel off during the next days. You can apply makeup to cover these scabs. You should avoid rubbing or peeling these scabs.

Normally more than 1 treatment is recommended for treatment of scars and improvement of wrinkles.

What is the treatment protocol for the TriFractional Technology?

Usually 2-3 TriFractional treatments are recommended however it is possible to perform more treatments for enhanced improvement of wrinkles or in cases of severe acne scaring. TriFractional treatments are normally spaced at a 1 month interval.

What is the TriLipo MED treatment protocol?

A very effective protocol for total facial rejuvenation, lifting and contouring is the TriLipo MED protocol which alternates between facial treatments with the TriLipo and the TriFractional technologies. TriLipo technology combines TriLipo RF with Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA). The TriLipo RF induces dermal collagen generation through the RF thermal effect. The DMA induces toning and contouring of the facial muscles and SMAS layer. The TriLipo MED protocol is a unique approach for total facial toning and rejuvenation as it affects all the layers of the face tissue: epidermis, dermis and muscles/SMAS.

What aesthetics conditions does the TriFractional Technology treat?

The TriFractional technology is intended for treatment of wrinkles and for skin resurfacing.  It is also very effective for treatment of acne scars, lax skin, reducing pore size, treatment of facial skin complexion and texture, treatment of stretch marks and general brightening or evenness of skin tone.

What is the downtime post the TriFractional Treatment?

In most cases there is no major downtime after treatment. One day after the treatment you may experience redness and mild swelling in the treated area along with tiny scabs that will appear post treatment. The scabs may remain for a few days until completely fading out, however, you can cover the area with make-up (and of course sunscreen) and continue with your normal routine while avoiding direct sun on the treated area.

What does the patient need to do to prepare for a TriFractional Treatment?

There is no need to get prepared for treatment; however, you should avoid getting sunburned before the treatment as treatment cannot be performed on freshly tanned skin. There are guidelines regarding proximity of TriFarctional treatments to other aesthetic treatment modalities which your practitioner will know.

How long do results of TriFractional treatment last?

Results for laxity or wrinkles usually last for long but it is advised to perform a TriFractional maintenance treatment for preventative measures.

How long does a TriFractional treatment take?

A TriFractional treatment can take a few minutes if only a small area is treated. For a full face treatment, the treatment can take about half an hour.