TriLipo clinical FAQs

If I have metal implants in my knees, can I have an arm treatment with the Maximus system?

It is allowed to perform a treatment on the arms if the metal implants are in a different body area. In general, a treatment should not be performed over metal implants. In the case of teeth or braces, it is fine to perform a face treatment and if sensitivity becomes is an issue, dental cotton pads or slightly damped gauze can be inserted between the teeth and cheeks.

What parts of the body can be treated with TriLipo technology?

The TriLipo applicators on the Maximus system can be used to treat most body areas. The only parts that cannot be treated are the breasts, genitals, underarms, directly over the eyes (off the bone) and the thyroid area. The Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) should not be performed on the temples, the neck, thorax area, around the mouth (perioral) and around the eyes (periorbital).

What conditions does the TriLipo technology treat?

On the face, the Maximus can treat sagging skin, loose jowls, jaw line contouring, sagging neck skin (“turkey neck”), wrinkles and fine lines, and a general toning and lifting of the facial SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System).
On the body, Maximus can treat loose abdomen following pregnancy or weight loss, improve stretch marks, improve the appearance of cellulite, reduce abdomen and thigh circumference, improve arm texture and tighten sagging skin under the arms, improve the appearance of the calves and help with swollen ankles through lymphatic drainage. 

How long will results last?

Results should last several months, however, since the body continues to age and the ageing process cannot be stopped, it is recommended to undergo preventative treatments every few months in order to maintain the results.

How is the Maximus system different from the Apollo system?

 The Apollo system uses TriPollar RF to induce a thermal effect on the dermis and adipose fat layers of the skin. The Maximus device uses, in addition to RF, Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) which is muscle activation induced with a moving applicator. TriLipo DMA is emitted simultaneously with TriLipo RF, enabling a treatment that affects 3 layers of the skin: the dermis, adipose fat and muscles.
With the Maximus system, it is now possible to perform the TriLipo MED procedure, an exclusive combination therapy available only on the Maximus system, enabled by the addition of TriFractional technology module to Maximus. TriLipo MED uses both TriLipo and TriFractional technologies to treat four layers of tissue: epidermis, dermis, adipose fat and underlying muscles. This is the ultimate skin rejuvenation procedure.


Can a TriLipo treatment be performed every day?

Clinical trials conducted by Pollogen found that optimal results are obtained when the interval between treatments is once a week. If treatment interval has to be adjusted due to patient compliance or other reasons, there should be at least 4 days, and not more than two weeks between treatments.
Manufacturers of other radiofrequency devices may recommend somewhat different intervals between treatments, but with TriLipo technology, combining two energy sources, RF and DMA, we have found that the intervals outlined above were most effective.
We have also found that patient compliance to the treatment protocol and success of treatment is best if performed once a week. When treating too frequently, it was found that the skin can be too sensitive and often the operator had to reduce the optimal power setting, and therefore did not achieve the desired clinical results. As the treatment activates internal processes that continue after the treatment, it is best to allow at least 4 days between TriLipo treatments.


How do I select the treatment parameters or determine the “aggressiveness” of the treatment?

The Maximus device is embedded with safe default parameters for each body area. The parameters are adjusted according to the specific body area being treated and according to the particular patient’s needs. The RF power is adjusted to the optimal power needed to achieve an end surface temperature of 40-42oC (not to exceed 45o C).
The DMA parameters are adjusted to enable a tolerable treatment. First, the TriLipo power is adjusted to a level of tolerance. Once the TriLipo power is adjusted to a tolerable value, the pulse width is adjusted to enable a longer contraction duration, hence a sensation of “real contraction”. Once the optimal balance between TriLipo power and pulse width is achieved, the frequency may be adjusted. It is possible to increase the DMA parameters during the consecutive treatments as the patients do get accustomed to the sensation.


What is the difference between DMA and EMS?

DMA induces muscle activation in a sporadic manner (and not on specific muscle fibers) while also emitting RF energy. The applicator is in motion throughout the treatment and induces activation / contraction of many surface muscle groups as it is moved during treatment.
EMS (electric muscle stimulation) causes muscle contraction of specific targeted muscles by attaching electrodes to specific locations on the body, remaining static during the treatment. The electrodes induce contraction of the same group of muscles as long as the electrodes are attached and activated.


 What is the effect of DMA in the muscles?

 On the body, the muscle activation increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, venous return and removal of waste products. On the face, the DMA improves tone of the SMAS area, inducing a “lifting” effect of the jaw line.

Should one drink water after a TriLipo treatment?

It is a good idea to drink water after a TriLipo treatment because of the heat generated during the treatment. Drinking water helps to eliminate the metabolic byproducts generated by the treatment from the body.

Can we treat over tattoos?

You can treat over tattoos. RF and DMA are ‘color blind” energies. We have heard of rare cases of tattoos with metal splinters (from the tattoo needles); if you encounter this, it is advised to treat with caution, according to the patient’s sensitivity.

How soon after pregnancy can a TriLipo abdomen treatment be performed?

Abdomen treatment with TriLipo technology can be performed 1-3 months post pregnancy (as long as the woman is not breast feeding and depending on her general physical health).

Can treatment with TriLipo increase the size of the masseter muscle?

Treatment with TriLipo on the face (once a week for 5 minutes) will not cause the masseter to bulge or increase in size. August 2011

Can increasing the frequency of muscle activation cause muscle fatigue?

The parameters of Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) are safe, even when selecting the highest values per body area. They are not strong enough to induce muscle fatigue if treatment time is kept in the range of the suggested treatment duration as displayed in the user interface of the Maximus system.


Please refer to the Maximus User Manual and Maximus FAQS for specific information about the TriFractional technology and TriFractional module on the Maximus system.