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Discover TriPollar 3rd Generation
With Dr. Amy Taub

Dr. Amy Taub discusses how the APOLLO, powered by TriPollar technology, is an effective non-surgical method for body contouring, treating cellulite and tightening facial and body skin. 

Dr. Taub will review the science that led her to add TriPollar to her practice and demonstrate patient results.   About Dr. Taub



Evaluation of Safety & Efficacy of Tripollar Technology for Wrinkles
With Dr. Steven D. Shapiro

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Steven Shapiro, discusses the findings from TriPollar's FDA clinical trial.
As the principal investigator for the FDA study and one of the first physicians in the US to use TriPollar, Dr. Shapiro has treated hundreds of patients and addresses the results, safety profile and patient satisfaction experienced both in the trial and in his own practice.    About Dr. Shapiro



Dr. Steven D. Shapiro demonstrates Tripollar at AAD 2012

Dr. Shapiro demonstrated Apollo Tripollar at this year's AAD conference and held a Q&A session addressing treatment and benefits.


Dr. Michael H. Gold lectures on benefits of TriPollar treatments at the AAD 2012

About Dr. Gold