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Dr. Jamé Heskett discussses OxyGeneo on The Balancing Act

Dr. Jamé Heskett appeared on The Balancing Act and discussed how OxyGeneo will give you glowing skin after only one treatment. Dr. Heskett has spent her 24 year career focused on women’s health and longevity issues. She is known both domestically and internationally as an expert on non-invasive body and face treatments.





OxyGeneo featured on Shelley's Show & Tell

Shelley Hancock hosts a weekly radio talk show "Shelley"s Show & Tell" aired on the health and wellness channel on Shelley discusses cutting edge skin care tretments and products that truly make a change. Always looking for the latest anti-aging technology, Shelley reviewed the OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial and how it exfoliates, infuses and oxygenates from within.

Shelley Hancock is a seasonsed esthetician (licensed since 1988) and skin care guru. Listen to her show on YouTube.

Dr. Oz   TriPollar featured on Dr. Oz
How to fix ugly legs
Dr. Jamé Heskett received her medical degree from The George Washington University and completed post-graduate residency training at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. She appeared on Dr. Oz where she demonstrated Pollogen's TriPollar Apollo for cellulite treatment.  "I have been treating cellulite for 13 years and I have never seen a technology that is as effective as the TriPollar Apollo."

  TriPollar Featured on Fox Health  
New body-tightening treatment
Dr. Michael Fiorillo, is a double board certified plastic surgeon serving the New York area. He recently spoke to Fox Health about his experience with TriPollar.

"TriPollar uses Radio Frequency to tighten skin and reduce appearance of fat and cellulite. Doctor Fiorillo says his patients can see full results in just 5 treatments but they notice a difference immediately. "

"My patients absolutely love this treatment. It's affordable, It feels great and you have instant results"


Cellulite, Wrinkles and Fat, Oh My! The Aesthetic Blog By Laurel House
Aesthetic blog features TriPollar for skin tightening, trimming and cellulite reduction.

Marty Lumpkin - Clinical Trainer & Operating Room Director at Skintastic explains that as the skin and underlying tissue heat up, existing collagen contracts, inducing immediate tightening. More than a momentary result, the skin's metabolism speeds up and encourages new collagen growth to help further reinforce a firmer, smoother appearance.

Additionally, TriPollar technology reduces cellulite. As the area is heated, fatty acids (liquid fat) are released, causing the cells to shrink. The excess fat is picked up and flushed out by the body’s blood and lymphatic system. After six to eight treatments the targeted area will be tighter, slimmer with less cellulite


Hybrid Energy Technology featured on EMOL.TV
La nueva máquina que borra arrugas sin cirugía llegó a Chile
Hybrid Energy Technology is a non-surgical solution that works with the body's natural mechanisms to induce an increased production of hyaluronic acid, collagen regeneration and elastin growth. As a result Hybrid Energy achieves significant but natural-looking dermal volumizing, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation and lifting effects. Treatment method allows for on-going rejuvenation – so results are enhanced over time and long-lasting!

  Hybrid Energy Debuts on MUJERES EN TODO Venezuela - Globovison 2013
Hybrid Energy Technology non-surgical for dermal volumizing, wrinkle reduction, skin texture improvement and facial rejuvenation. In this clip Dr. Freddy Tagger and Dr. Cruzira Salazar discuss this non-surgical and virtually painless solution on the famous Venezuelan morning show MUJERES EN TODO.

Hybrid Energy works with the body's natural mechanisms to increase production of hyaluronic acid, collagen renewal and elastin growth - without the need to introduce foreign substances to the skin. 


Pollogen's Maximus Debuts on Confidencial in Bolivia
The Maximus system by Pollogen offers the most complete anti-aging and body contouring system for body contouring, skin tightening, fat reduction, circumference reduction, stretch marks treatment, wrinkle reduction and prevenation, acne scars treatment, and more.

Maximus allows practitioners to offer the TriLipo MED procedure which treats all four layers of the skin - the epidermis, dermis, fat and muscle - yielding unsurpassed aesthetic results.


TriPollar featured on CW33 Dallas
Busy Mom gets rid of fat with non-invasive procedure
Shirley Kretz is a busy working mom who exercises regularly and eats healthy but she still need that extra help to tighten and smooth her stomach area.

TriPollar was just the solution she needed. A non-invasive solution that delivers fat reduction and skin tightening, TriPollar was able to help Shirley tighten her stomach in a few short sessions with no pain or downtime while being cost effective and time saving.

  TriPollar on Telemundo 47
Nuevo tratamiento para terminar con las arrugas
Despite having a healthy lifestyle, sometimes we need and extra hand to improve our appearance, tighten sagging skin and contour the body. TriPollar Radio Frequency technology is a non-invasive ally in the battle to tighten sagging skin, reduce cellulite and give you a more youthful appearance.

According to Dr. Jamé Heskett “Radio frequency is administered to the tissue or fatty layers depending on what you are trying to achieve, affect either shrinking the fat cells or tightening up the collagen”

  TriPollar on Aesthetic TV
Dr. Ronald Moy Discusses TriPollar
As we age wrinkles and sagging skin creep up on almost every face even if with the fittest of bodies. The good news we don't have to live with the wrinkles and loose skin any more. TriPollar treatments rejuvenate the skin on both the face and the body.

"TriPollar uses radio frequency – which is a very safe and effective treatment method" "TriPollar delivers immediate visible tightening and contouring effects from the first treatment, and they are long lasting aesthetic results without surgery or downtime”, according to Dr. Moy.

  TriPollar featured on ABC
TriPollar for Cellulite
TriPollar gently massages the skin, it feels like a hot stone massage, and effectively smooths down the “lumps and bumps” of cellulite and tightens the skin.

    CBS 4 New Features TriPollar
TriPollar Tightens Skin on Legs
TriPollar tightens skin on flabby legs, arms, droopy tummy and chin. The device heats up the skin plumping up existing collagen and creating new collagen.

“It’s making fibroblast make new collagen” Dr. Jason Pozner. “When you do a face-lift you do nothing to increase the elasticity of the skin. I look at this device as a loose skin tightening device”. The walk-in walk-out procedure takes between 10-30 minutes.

  TriLipoMED featured on Télématin
Radio Fréquence Trilipo® La solution efficace Anti-Age
Le système TriLipo™ MED propose le traitement le plus efficace pour le rajeunissement réel de la peau.
En s’appuyant sur trois technologies sophistiquées – TriLipo™ RF + TriLipo™ DMA + TriFractional™ – la procédure MED est en mesure de traiter les trois couches cutanées ainsi que la couche musculaire sous jacente. TriLipo™ MED est une procédure anti-âge complète et unique, administrée uniquement avec le système Maximus™.

    TriLipo and TriPollar featured on ENTRE NOTICIAS
Renowned Venezuelan aesthetic surgeon Dr. Klara Senior was featured on the popular Venezuelan morning show ENTRE NOTICIAS program, GLOBOVISION speaks about TriLipo and TriPollar Radio Frequency technology for facial and body skin rejuvenation as well as wrinkle reduction, loose skin tightening, cellulite treatment, fat reduction body contouring and more.. All in a safe painless convenient procedure. 


Dr. Jamé Heskett discusses OxyGeneo on the Balancing Act