Customer Testimonials

 "After 15 years of marriage I have not once received a compliment from my husband about my skin. Recently I had an OxyGeneo facial done. When I got home my husband asked me if I had something done with my face like Botox. I told him no. He said you must have had something done because your skin looks great and I told him yes, I had an OxyGeneo facial done."
Client, Pure Salon & Spa in Toronto, Ontario

”I couldn’t believe it. In just six treatments I lost 7.2 cm off my waistline. Three months down the line and the results haven’t changed. The treatment was fast and pleasant. I got rid of stubborn fat deposits that I just couldn’t get rid of with exercise. I look and feel great!”
Ms. Shahmoon

”I wanted to do something about the wrinkles around my eyes and on my cheeks for a long time. With TriLipo I achieved dramatic results in just five treatments. The wrinkles were reduced and I feel fantastic.”
Ms. Lichter 

“I grew increasingly frustrated with the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. I was afraid of surgical solutions and wanted a quick and easy alternative. I found my fountain of youth with TriLipo Med.
The wrinkles around my eyes and mouth reduced significantly and my skin looks and feels great.”
Mary Calvet 

“After giving birth I had stretch marks and unwanted weight that I couldn't get rid of. The difference the TriLipo Med treatment made was amazing - the stretch
marks faded and I went down two dress sizes. I couldn't be happier.”
A. Eitan

 "Now I can dress up and feel good…whatever I wear. The treatment was very comfortable, and I saw measurable results right away. I never knew I could reduce those inches without surgery. The results are amazing!"
Alice May 

“I didn’t think it was possible to look so young again. I was able to see and feel a change right after the very first treatment... and the wrinkle reduction has lasted. TriPollar was easy and pleasant… and I look and feel great.”
Jane Ehrlich