geneO+ 3-in-1 super facial


geneO+ combines patented OxyGeneo technology, and Tripollar technologies, delivering unparalleled facial treatments for skin rejuvenation.

In the U.S., the genO+ is available with OxyGeneo and Ultrasound. Outside the U.S. the geneO+ is also available with TriPollar and Ultrasound applicators.

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Divine Pro

Divine Pro

Divine Pro offers an effective, total facial solution, providing optimal results especially in those hard to treat areas of the neck, upper lip and around the eyes. Pollogen DIVINE provides effective dermal volumizing, scar reduction, skin firming with minimal pain, bruising, bleeding and minimal downtime.

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maximus system


The Maximus system enables aesthetic professionals to treat all four layers of the skin and address a wide variety of conditions, significantly improving and rejuvenating most facial and body areas.

Facial results include significant wrinkle reduction, lax skin tightening, reduction of acne scars and improvement of other facial imperfections.

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Pollogen Legend

Pollogen LEGEND

The Pollogen LEGEND combines two powerful technologies for superior anti-aging results. Pollogen LEGEND uses TriLipo radio-frequency (RF) technology using non-invasive RF energy and Dynamic Muscle Activation for immediate skin tightening, long-term skin rejuvenation and body-contouring results. VoluDerm technology uses fine micro-pins and RF for exceptional dermal volume enhancement of facial skin and other delicate areas such as hands and décolleté.

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Regen XL

The Regen XL powered by 3rd generation TriPollar  technology is a clinically-proven solution that delivers safe and effective results for a wide variety of body contouring and facial sculpting applications through a convenient, safe and painless procedure. 

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Tripollar Pose

Tripollar POSE

TriPollar POSE reduces cellulite and fat, and tightens mature and lax skin, so you can gain a smooth, sculpted look and enjoy a natural ‘body lift’ in the comfort of your home. This non-surgical,painless and easy-to-use home-use device provides a clinically-proven, safe alternative to a range of professional aesthetic procedures.

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Tripollar Stop

Tripollar Stop

Tripollar STOP is a RF home-use facial device,  technology.  This clinically proven, effective anti-aging treatment is an easy-to-use device and can significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It can also lead to visible skin tightening, providing you with a fresh, youthful look from the very first treatment.

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