geneO an advanced skin care platform for superior facial skin renewal

geneO+ Natural Skin Renewal Made Easy

Designed with the aesthetic professional in mind, geneO+ integrates Pollogen’s new patented OxyGeneo technology with renowned TriPollar technology. geneO+ delivers superior skin nourishment and oxygenation together with clinically proven anti-aging results.

In the US, the geneO+ is currently only available with OxyGeneo. Click here to navigate to the US Pollogen website.

A versatile skin care platform

geneO+ can function as a standalone offering or integrated as part of other aesthetic regimens for optimal results. geneO+ is both compact and mobile and offers the possibility of a one-time skin rejuvenation experience or a series of treatments.

Dr. Matta in Canada has an 80%-90% satisfaction rate with OxyGeneo facials - people are already booking repeat sessions!

Upsell home care cosmetics/treatments

Following OxyGeneo and TriPollar treatments the skin is receptive to receiving essential nutrients opening a window of opportunity to upsell home care cosmetics/treatments.

New opportunities beyond the walls of your clinic

geneO+ is  compact and mobile so you can expand your range of opportunities beyond the walls of your clinic.
For instance:

  • Offer at-home treatments before a special event.
  • Be the main attraction at a bridal shower.
  • Promote geneO+ treatments at town events or other community activities.
  • Use your imagination…

Sleek and attractive design

Pollogen has invested a lot of thought to the look of geneO+ so it will “catch the eye”; prompting clients to enquire about the device and giving you the opportunity to introduce the wide range of treatment offerings geneO+ has to offer.

Start using geneO+ almost immediately

  • Easy-to-use device and interface
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Safe, effective and non-invasive treatments
  • Clinically proven technologies