HE-pic trifractional trilipo

Hybrid Energy Technology

A highly effective and safe technology that delivers a full face, natural wrinkle reduction and dermal volumizing solution without surgery, discomfort or downtime.

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TriFractional Technology

TriFractional is an advanced 3-pulse RF technology that enables deep, effective fractional skin resurfacing with minimal discomfort & virtually no downtime.

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TriLipo Technology

TriLipo technology is the most advanced solution for effective facial contouring, body shaping, cellulite reduction and more. 

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TriPollar Technology

Renowned TriPollar technology is a 3rd Generation RF based solution that delivers immediate and long-term anti-aging and body contouring results without pain or downtime. 

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OxyGeneo Technology

The next generation skin exfoliation & oxygenation solution. OxyGeneo is a breakthrough concept that works with the body’s natural mechanisms to exfoliate, oxygenate & infuse nutrients into the skin. 

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VoluDerm Technology

VoluDerm technology achieves significant and long-lasting dermal volumizing, wrinkle reduction and skin resurfacing using an optimal combination of fine micro-pins and radio frequency.

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