Dynamic muscle activation

Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) technology


Dynamic muscle activation (DMA) is an innovative proprietary technology that stimulates muscles and blood circulation and enhances lymphatic drainage, which results in effective oxygenation and the removal of metabolic waste byproducts.

Body treatments
The internal stimulation of muscles combined with an external pressure-applicator stimulate the release of fat from the adipose cells, thereby decreasing their size for circumference reduction, improved skin firmness and improved body contouring.

DMA can be applied as a stand-alone treatment, although it is most effective when combined with our innovative TriLipo RF technology. TriLipo technology works simultaneously on the skin, fat and muscle. This action of RF deep volumetric heating, combined with the DMA internal muscle contration and external mechanical pressure generates the following outcomes:

  • Non-invasive fat reduction and lymphatic drainage
  • Immediate skin tightening results visible from the first treatment
  • Long-lasting wrinkle reduction results
  • Long-term body shaping


Facial and neck treatments
Dynamic Muscle Activation energy stimulates the superficial SMAS and platysma, which results in lifting and toning of the facial and neck muscles. Best clinical results will be achieved while treating in combination with our RF Tripollar technology.